Design a Penguin Flag for the Field Station,

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Our lonely hut is near the Adelie Penguin breeding colony at Cape Royds, Antarctica. Many distinguished visitors come to see the penguins and learn about Antarctica throughout the season.  If your class would like to design and make a penguin flag for us to fly at the hut we will take a picture of it, sign it and return it to your school.  We also position a flag in front of the PenguinCam, in order to know how strong the wind is blowing. Use the following guidelines to help you create your design.

Click HERE to see examples of flags from this and previous years.

Flags must be mailed to us by Dec 15, 2015, or they will not reach us in time to be flown. Mail them in a large envelope with a return addressed stamped envelop so we can return your flag to you. DO NOT USE A BOX. Boxed mail, even small ones will not be delieverd in time.

Size: Please make the flag between 12 x 18 inches, and 3 x 4 feet, no larger

Design:  Create a picture about penguins or Antarctica. Incorporate your school's logo or name if you wish.

Material:  Remember the winds in Antarctica are fierce, nylon works best. Please add a sleeve (big enough for three large fingers) or grommets so we can attach the flag to our pole. If you attach anything to the flag it must be securely SEWN, glued items fall off and blow away. Please no glitter or decals

You can see a picture of your flag flying at the research station everyday. Go to our home page: and click on the penguin cam.

Send the flag to us here. This is a US post office so domestic rates apply 

Jean Pennycook  B-013
McMurdo Station
PSC 769 Box 800
APO AP 96599-1035

Please mail the flags before Dec 15, 2015, or they may not get there in time. Do not use a box.