Nest #3 status and archive, 2014-15

Nov 8, 2014, This female, banded #3943, is 10 years old and rasied her first chicks in 09-10. We have seen her before and she is in the exact same nesting site as last year. We will follow her and her mate as they raise their chicks. Her name is Mathilda and her mate's name is Bob. They were named by Reinhard Max's class in Sudern, Germany.

The two eggs were seen Nov 18th, 2014


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Banded bird #3943 and her mate  

Mathilda and Bob. The Valley Nesting Group.


Nov 8 Nov 16 Nov 18 Nov 19
penguin 1 2 3
Mathilda and Bob. Mathilda and Bob. Bob and 2 eggs, Mathilda has left for the ocean Bob and 2 eggs
Nov 20 Nov 21 Nov 22 Nov 23
Bob on the nest with 2 eggs, Mathilda has returned to the ocean to feed. Bob on the nest with 2 eggs Bob on the nest with 2 eggs