Penguin Cartoons

These are cartoon submitted by children all over the country, and some adults.

"Because I said so! That's why!"

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Becca unknown  

Kika, Grade 6 Katie Nikki
You put your right flipper in,
You take your right flipper out,
You put your right flipper in and you shake it all about….

"You got a little somethin' somethin' right there".

Emily- Gr 6

"And for my next yoga movement - Upwards facing dog! "

Phoebe - Gr 5

"I win! A hole in one".

Ruby - Gr 5

"Now where did we leave that nest?"

Ian - Gr 2

"That spaghetti was awesome".

Ruby and Pheobe - Gr 5

"Does this nest make me look fat?"

Gabriella - Gr 6

"Is that a seal or a rock? You poke! No, you poke it!"

Kyle and Ian Gr 2

"You are in big trouble mister! Go to your nest, no swimming for five weeks".

"You're nested"

Isaiah and Allyson Gr 4

"Huddle! It's a Skua. Pretend you are a rock."

Ian Gr 2

"A lady penguin! Gotta look good. Suck in that stomach!"

Emily and Jake Gr 4