Penguins Marching into Your Classroom

On Ross Island in Western Antarctica, in view of the hut where one of Ernest Shackleton’s men began the first official penguin study 100 years ago, Dr. Ainley and his team have set up their own small base camp.  They’ve come to study the phenomenon of “penguin cities,” giant living laboratories where tens of thousands of Adélie penguins converge in raucous colonies during Antarctica’s warmer months to breed and rear their young.


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And here is your chance to get regular mail from the bottom of the world too. 

Have your students create a self addressed and stamped post card about penguins. Make sure it is no more than 5"x7." Affix U.S. postage appropriate for a letter (41 cents) and send them to the address below by December 30 , 2007.



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